NOWITEC, complete service in industrial electricity

  • Industrial Electrics

A comprehensive service

NOWITEC offers a comprehensive service covering every stage of the electrical engineering works for professional installations. With general customised solutions or more specific actions, NOWITEC is a true technical partner on which companies, industrial enterprises and the institutions can rely, for everything from design to maintenance.

Construction of electrical cabinets

The electrical cabinets are built in the NOWITEC workshops. All types of cabinets are built in accordance with the prepared drawings. This could be small control boxes or large cabinets with several meters’ length. Each function is adapted to suit the industrial machine, production line or building application.
Items produced: electrical cabinets and control stations, consoles and network cabinets.

Electrical wiring

NOWITEC ensures the wiring: installation of cable trays, cable routing and connections, both for machines and for power distribution.

Electrical set-up and installation

NOWITEC offers the mounting of electrical installations and distribution cabinets. In the field of structured cabling, NOWITEC realises network solutions with high quality copper as well as fibre optics. Furthermore, all sorts of cabling are performed on industrial plants, machines and production lines.