Nowitec Engineering

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A well-tried method

NOWITEC has its own engineering office made up of several experienced engineers. The company has developed a comprehensive method that offers reliable technical solutions in terms of safety and standards for the programming or optimisation of industrial machines or complete production lines. All works associated with the industrial or commercial sector electrical installations are supervised and closely managed by the engineering office.

Electrical installation calculations

These are related to the electrical drawings. The electrical components, protective devices and cables are designed on the basis of their applications so as to comply with the standards of the General Regulations on electrical installations (RGIE) NOWITEC follows the CEI and RGIE standards applying to electrical equipment and systems.

Electrical drawings

The design of electrical drawings is one of the great strengths of NOWITEC. Using EPLAN Electric P8, the leading software in the industrial sector, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic drawings can now be produced for all industrial areas.

Industrial machine and production line safeguarding

The NOWITEC team includes a Safety Engineer. Thanks to the prevention and equipment safety expertise of this engineer, NOWITEC is able to produce risk reduction analyses. The various safety devices will be determined on the basis of this analysis. NOWITEC follows a strict procedure for ensuring equipment compliance, in accordance with the European directives.

Energy consumption studies

NOWITEC implements monitoring systems to gather energy production and consumption data. These data will serve to determine the energy costs for precisely managing and better predicting consumption. The networking of specific measuring devices enables effective remote monitoring. An ever-evolving innovation!

Lighting studies

NOWITEC designs the internal and external lighting systems for businesses and the commercial sector, covering everything from offices to industrial buildings. The study is based on calculations of luminosity and consumption.